The price of Samsung’s next folding phone could be surprising

While foldable phones have been on the market for a while, their high prices have limited accessibility for many consumers. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, for instance, is priced at $1,800, with most competitors following suit. However, Samsung appears to be addressing this issue by developing a more budget-friendly ‘entry-level’ foldable option.

As per a report by The Elec, indications suggest that Samsung is set to unveil an affordable “entry-level” Galaxy Z Fold 6 device in the current year. This strategic move aims to boost the adoption of foldable phones, especially considering the growing presence of foldable devices emerging from China.

The report discloses that Samsung, despite being a trailblazer in the foldable market, currently holds the third position in the Chinese market for this particular form factor. This is attributed to the competitive pricing of foldables by Xiaomi, Honor, and Huawei, which has led to higher sales than Samsung’s Z Fold series in the region.

If this seems recognizable, it’s not your imagination. This isn’t the first time we’ve caught wind of Samsung’s plans for a more budget-friendly foldable device, although it hasn’t materialized so far. Back in November 2023, there were hints about the company exploring a “midrange” foldable option, but Samsung reportedly dismissed this notion.

As of now, substantial leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 or Z Flip 6 are still elusive. The only potential changes speculated at this stage involve a possible shift in aspect ratio and a slimmer profile.

As a newcomer to foldable devices, having recently explored the Google Pixel Fold ($1,800) and the OnePlus Open ($1,700), I find the form factor quite appealing. The convenience of a compact design when the device is closed and the ability to expand the screen when more space is needed are notable advantages. However, the persistent issue lies in the pricing, particularly for the average consumer.

If Samsung decide to release a more affordable, entry-level foldable, count me in. This move would undoubtedly attract individuals who have long been intrigued by the form factor but hesitated due to high price tags. For many, owning a foldable could streamline their devices, potentially eliminating the necessity to carry both a phone and a tablet. The prospect of a budget-friendly Galaxy Z Fold 6 from Samsung could transform the idea of owning a folding phone into reality for a broader audience, and that’s genuinely thrilling.

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